About Remnants

Welcome to the Guild Website for Remnants on Silvermoon (EU)

We are a late-evening (Wednesdays and Fridays 22:00 – 01:00) social raiding guild that met with success in Warlords of Draenor and are excited about progressing into Legion! We aim to progress in PVE content at the same time as having fun; we do not believe that progressive raiding and a social environment are mutually exclusive.

Although we like to keep things fun we do also strive to create a mature and inclusive atmosphere while raiding; we are much more interested in your commitment to being at most raids and a willingness to learn how to improve than your experience and gear levels.

Aside from PVE we are also looking to expand more into PVP content and we have semi-regular social events that usually align with the theme of Blizzard’s own events, such as in-game Halloween Parties (with costumes!) and steamboat races for Pirate’s Day – with pets, transmog items and other cool things for prizes.

While spaces in our core PvE team are limited, we welcome applications from anyone, and do our best to include everyone in experiencing the content and realising their full potential. Feel free to contact us in game, or here. You can read about our Raid Requirements here, find out more about social events here and meet the Management team here.

Happy WoWing!

Recent News

Normal Cleared!

As of this week we have cleared the Emerald Nightmare on Normal difficulty! We cleared up to Xavius last Friday but couldn’t quite down him. Then on this Wednesday we cleared the entire raid (including Xavius) in one night! We’re pretty happy with that effort. 🙂 This Friday we will start our Heroic progression. We’re […]

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Last night (16th of August 2016) we closed our ‘free roll’ on classes and specs people want to play and we seem to have gotten quite an interesting setup. 18 people from the get-go isn’t bad, especially after the drought we had during the later stages in Hellfire Citadel, making proper raiding on mythic near […]

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